Contractor's Hazard ID & Management Form

Fieldays has a zero harm policy and the safety of all people on our site is of the utmost importance to us.

Please take the time to complete the form in its entirety below – this information is required from ALL our contractors for our Health & Safety compliance.

We appreciate your efforts in ensuring the site you are working on is safe. Please contact our HR Advisor Lynne Gibbons on 07 843 4497 or email.

This form is for contractors engaged by you to work on your site. Your organisation must also submit a Hazard ID & Management form which is located in the Fieldays Exhibitor Centre. Please click here to access the Exhibitor Centre and log in with your email and password.


Contractor Company details

Contractor Company name: *

Contact Details - You and your Customer

Who is the person managing the contract with the exhibitor who has engaged your business to work on their site?
First name: *
Surname *
Mobile phone: *
Role in your organisation? *
Which Fieldays exhibitor have you been contracted by?
Contact in that organisation *
Phone: *
Fieldays site number: *
Who is the onsite person responsible for your team?
First name *
Surname *
Mobile *
Role in your organisation *

Contractors and Staff

List your staff or people being engaged by you to work on site (including first and last names): *

Site Tasks

What activities will your team undertake onsite?
e.g. Site excavation, construction, deliveries, marquee erection, signage, displays, etc. *

Tools, Equipment, Machinery and Vehicles

List the tools, equipment, machinery, etc. that will be used by your team on site
e.g. Excavator, forklift, power tools, vehicles, HIAB truck, etc. *


What potential hazards could the site tasks and tools, equipment, machinery, etc. create for you or anyone around your site?
A Hazard example sheet is available via the link at the top of this form. *

Hazard Management

List any ways you could make the site(s) you are working on and the surrounding area safer by controlling the hazards you have identified: e.g. Forklift operator uses a spotter and other staff to prevent pedestrians entering forklift work area.


List the people in your team who have responsibility for ensuring the hazard controls detailed here are checked and implemented: This includes any contractors or other people engaged to help with the set up, break down or running of the site* *

Hazardous Substances

List any hazardous substances that you plan to bring to Fieldays. Include the quantity of the hazardous goods and its class.
Please email the hazardous substances MSDS (if applicable) to
Please attach the hazardous substances MSDS (if applicable)

Next Steps...

Bring with you

* High visibility clothing
This is compulsory for everyone entering the venue during set up and breakdown. If anyone arrives without high visibility clothing, they will be required to purchase vests from the Fieldays Health & Safety Induction office or leave and return to site when fully equipped.

* Copies of all forms for your exhibition site
If applicable, these may include;
* training
* certifications
* competencies
* driver's licences
* MSDS sheets


* Health & Safety Induction
On arrival for set up, all exhibitors and contractors must complete the Health & Safety Induction, before entering the site. This induction is to notify everyone of hazards, regulations and emergency procedures and will take approximately 10 minutes.
Site Emergency Procedures Form
This will be provided to you in the H&S Induction. Please share this information with all team members working on site.

Submit your completed form

Be sure to hit SUBMIT so your completed form comes through to us.


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